Monday, February 20, 2012

Etchison Family Genealogy

Maxine Brown (my mother) and June B. Barekman compiled three volumes of Etchison family genealogy. They are:

History of Edmund Etchison, Revolutionary Soldier of North Carolina, and his Descendants (including Atchisons - Virginia, Maryland, Kentucky - and records of Atchison Atchinson, Autcherson, Etcheson, Etchison, Etchinson, Eytchison Kin throughout America.) 1980

Our Etchison Kin: James Etchison and his Descendants [and] John and sons Walter, William, Henry, Riley and Daniel; Joshue of Indiana; William B. of Indiana; Samuel of Indiana; Jacob of Illinois and Perry of North Carolina - Achison, Atcheson, Atchison, Atchinson, Autcherson, Etcheson, Etchison, Etchinson, Eytchison, Etchason, Etcherson.

Our Etchison Kin, Vol. III. 1989

I am happy to do single look-ups in these volumes. I also have a limited number of copies to sell. If you're interested, please send a comment on this post. All comments are private until I "publish" them, so your information is not public unless you give me permission to post it.


  1. Hi. I was wondering if Enoch Etchison was mentioned? He was my 4th great grandfather. Thanks. Alena

  2. Hi, Alena. There three Enoch Etchisons. Could you give me a little more information such as a birth date or a family member's name?

    1. Yes,your Enoch is in the book. Send me your email address (which I won't publish) and I'll email information.